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Ted Cahall

Ted Cahall has been racing as part of SCCA Club Racing since March of 2009 when he passed his drivers school and obtained his novice permit. He obtained both his regional and national Club Racing competition licenses in 2009. He participated in the MARRS regional series and completed 7 races and finished 21st in the points in 2009 and 10th in points in 2010. He races in the SCCA National Championships in September of 2010 and finished 33rd of 63 competitors. He is looking forward to the 2011 season racing with his brothers Bob and Larry Cahall.

Ted Cahall is an Internet / Online Media executive and works in the Online Services Division of Microsoft.

Racing History


Attended ProFormance Racing School with Don Kitch, Jr. at Pacific Raceway in Kent, WA. Also attended a few track days.


Attended Two Day High-Performance driver school ar ProFormance Racing School. Passed first driver's school towards SCCA certification.


  • Attended SCCA Performance Driving Experience (PDX) at Summit Point, WA.
  • Attended a High-Performance Driving Event (HPDE) with the Northern Virginia Corvette Club.
  • Attended Mercedes-Benz AMG driving school in the Poconos, PA.


  • Attended SCCA Spring Drivers school and received SCCA Novice Permit
  • Attended 7 Reqional SCCA MARRS Races: MARRS 1, MARRS 4, MARRS 5, MARRS 7, and MARRS 9-11
  • Obtained SCCA Club Racing Regional Competition License
  • Obtained SCCA Club Racing National Competition License
  • Attended World Class Driving and drove 5 different exotic cars
  • Attended two SCCA PDXs and one SCCA Time Trials
  • Attended Bertil-Roos driving school in the Poconos, PA.
  • Placed 4th in the EMRA Sprints
  • Placed 3rd in the EMRA 4 Hour Enduro
  • Attended the World Class Driving Experience 200MPH challenge and went over 200MPH twice
  • Finished 20th in MARRS Regional Points for 2009


  • Attended March Memories at VIR including Sprints, short and long Enduro
  • Attended refresher SCCA Drivers School
  • Attended SCCA PDX
  • Attended 10 SCCA Regional Races in the MARRS series (missed MARRS 6 due to National race conflict)
  • Attended 6 SCCA National races: VIR (2), Nelson Ledges (2), Watkins Glen (2)
  • Finished 8th in raw and 10th in net MARRS Regional Points for 2010
  • Attended the SCCA National Championship Runoffs - placed 33rd of 63 racers


  • Attended the Sebring Double National and had personal best national race finish in terms of percent of entrants
  • Attended all 9 MARRS regional races and finished 10th in raw points and 11th in net points for the series.
  • Attended National Race at Summit Point and finished 10th in the rain (after qualifying 4th)
  • Attended New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) National Race and finished 9th - for 11 National Points
  • Attended National Race at Nelson Ledges in Garrettsville, OH and finished 6th - for 10 National Points
  • Attended BeaveRun National Race, finished 4th, gained 8 National Points, and qualified for SCCA National Championships
  • Attended Poconos National Race in SM and STU clases - won STU National Race.
  • Attended SCCA National Championship Runoffs and finished in 21st position with engine and suspension issues.