Cahall Racing - The Cars

Cahall Racing races both of the two major model versions of the Mazda Miata (1990-2005 and 2005-current) across five basic SCCA Club Racing classes: SM, SSM, SM5, STU, and STL. The older, smaller, less powerful 1990-2005 Miatas are raced in the SM (Spec Miata) class. A subset of these cars (1990-1198?) can be raced in the SSM class (Showroom Spec Miata).

The 2006 and newer Miata MX-5s can be raced professionally in the SCCA Playboy Cup Car Pro Series (which Cahall Racing does not currently participate). Additionally these newer MX-5s are raced in the SM5 (Spec Miata MX-5), STU (Sports Touring Under 3.0 Liters), and STL (Sports Touring Light) classes. The STL class is for cars under 2.0 Liters.

Ted and Larry raced two 2006 MX-5 Miatas in the STU class in 2011. In 2012 These same two cars will race in the SM5 and STL classes. Photos of Ted and Larry driving them in the STU class are shown below.

2006 Red MX-5

2006 White MX-5

In the 2011 racing season, Cahall Racing competed in three SCCA classes: SSM, SM, and STU. Bob won an SSM race at VIR in his rookie year and Ted won both a National and a couple of Regional races in the STU class and ended the season with the most Regional points in the STU class in the WDCR MARRS Series. In the 2012 season, the SM5 (Spec Miata MX-5) class will come to life. The old STU class which allowed any car under 3 liters to compete is less well suited to the 2.0 Liter MX-5 cars and Cahall Racing will switch to the STL class in 2012.

The Cahall brothers own a stable of five of the older SM race cars. Ted owns two '99s and a '91 and Larry and Bob each own their own '92. Here are four of the Spec Miata (SM) cars in a more identifiable form:

Ted's '99 SM (3rd Gen)

Ted's '99 SM Back-up

Larry's '92 SM

Bob's '92 SM

All of these very fine pieces of machinery are stored, maintained, and tuned at Meathead Racing in Summit Point, WV. Meathead Racing provides track-side support, pit crew services, on site mechanics, engine and transmission replacement, as well as the best lunch and dinner at Summit Point. You can also view a photo of Ted's previous '99 that was totaled in the MARRS 7 race on Labor Day 2011.