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Larry Cahall

Larry Cahall has been racing as part of SCCA Club Racing since March of 2010 when he passed his drivers school and obtained his novice permit. Larry obtained both his regional and national Club Racing competition liceses in 2010. He participated in the MARRS regional series and completed 7 races and finished 21st in the points. He has not raced in a national competition race yet. He is looking forward to the 2011 season racing with his brothers Bob and Ted Cahall.

Larry is an independent business owner and entrepreneur.

Racing History


  • Attended SCCA PDX


  • Attended SCCA Spring Drivers school and received SCCA Novice Permit
  • Attended SCCA PDX
  • Attended 7 SCCA MARRS Regional Races (MARRS: 1, 4, 5, 7, 9-11)
  • Obtained SCCA Club Racing Regional Competition License
  • Obtained SCCA Club Racing National Competition License
  • Pit Crew for brother Ted at the SCCA National Championship Runoffs
  • Finished 21st in MARRS Regional Points for 2010


  • Pit Crew for brother Bob at SCCA Spring Drivers School
  • Attended all 9 MARRS regional races and finished 20th of 30 racers.
  • Attended the Nelson Ledges National Race, took 9th place and earned 4 National points in his first National race!
  • Attended the Poconos National Race.
  • Pit crew for brother Ted at the 2011 SCCA National Championship Runoffs