Cahall Racing - Sponsors

MEATHEAD Racing is solely dedicated to the development, preparation, and support of Spec Miata's. They offer Driver's School as well as Regional and National arrive and drive packages, where all you need to do is show up with your gear and do the driving. They take care of all of the car preparation and track side support. All of the race cars are competitive, reliable, and professionally prepared. The crew is one of the very best in the country; They not only attend to your car, they attend to your needs as a driver as well. They have a hospitality center where you can get a drink, sneak a snack or enjoy our lunch buffet and don't forget about the end of the day beverage (the first one is on them!). MEATHEAD Racing provides a family friendly atmosphere where you can spend the entire day with your family and get them involved in the action. They can join your spotters around the track and watch the action take place as you race.